About us

Hedge is represented by strongly motivated team members with experience from Deloitte, Deutsche Bank and Numerica Partners. We aim to introduce methods, strategies and concepts that have been used in the traditional financial world for many years and represent an overview of real market value and safer trading and investment possibilities.

Our product offering rests on 3 pillars:

Meet the hedge team

Luka Gubo

A Senior Quantitative Analyst developing quantitative models and implementing them into the investment process.
Managing FT Quant (a quantitative global fund fully regulated in EU), Broad experience in developing risk management models.

Kristjan Dekleva

Financial specialist with keen interest for private equity, corporate finance and asset management.
Experience in academic research, and financial services industry, as well as diversified studies. Currently pursuing Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Giovanni Lesna - Maranetto

Product specialist for mutual funds.
Business consultant with trading, banking risk and fin tech experience.
Investment analyst with an international experience in the insurance industry.

Gasper Stih

Gasper specializes in digital marketing and PR, with a keen focus on setting and implementing social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies.

Primoz Novak

LLM, lawyer specialized in corporate law, M&A's, bankruptcy law, civil law, EU law.
Currently focusing on international law in relation to cryptocurrencies regarding AML requirements and tax optimization.

Jure Grabnar

A highly skilled developer, with several years of experience in software engineering, design and development of data processing algorithms used in trade systems.

Janez Benedik

Finance specialist and investment analyst with an international experience in the insurance industry - Inv. management, Inv. operations, and Inv. accounting.

Klemen Gantar

A Project developer with many years of experiences in his field with a skillful approach to problem-solving and development of full stack applications.

Manca Flajs

As Graphic Designer, Manca is a creative genius providing Hedge creating design concepts in record-breaking time with productivity and elegance.


Bill Kline

Co-Founder of Token Magic. He has five years of digital asset experience, is a serial entrepreneur and crypto Investor since 2014. Bill is an adviser and board member on several crypto related projects and a bitcoin philanthropist.

Vito H. Martin

Co-Founder of RIALTO.AI with experience from financial and technological industry.
He contributed to several disruptive fintech projects and is focusing on digital and blockchain business transformation.

Marko Lazetic

Since 2012 he runs Buchman, an index provider focused on complex indexing. His main research interests were arbitrage theory as well as financial modeling and, professionally, his field of expertise comprises indexing and proprietary trading.