Partner Index Provider

Since 2012, Buchman is an independent index provider and predominantly a provider of financial market data indices. Our domain of expertise is complex indexing: we provide crypto, volatility, liquidity, correlation, weather and multi asset indices.

We calculate, maintain and license specialty, niche and innovative indices that are relevant for our clients and the markets.

Buchman Indices are rule-based and transparent, thus available as underlying for a variety of financial products such as index funds (e.g. as ETFs), futures, options, swaps and other financial derivatives or structured products, both conventional and non-conventional. Hence, Buchman Indices find wide application in asset management and risk management.

We at Buchman recognize that no single index meets all clients‘ specific needs and requirements and we therefore offer customization and are able to individualize our indices within a transparent rulebook framework that serve you best for hedging risks, asset management or informational purposes.