Crypto Traded Indices™


Crypto traded indices


CTIs (Crypto Traded Indices™) are baskets of different digital assets combinations, whose weighting and composition is based on professionally designed, transparent and objective Buchman Crypto Indices, jointly developed by Buchman and Hedge. Tokenization of the indices allows for an active secondary market. The underlying arbitrage mechanism is designed to keep the price of the CTI token at all times as close as possible to the index value.

CTIs will offer a diversified collection of cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets that will trade on an exchange and represent a passive investment vehicle in crypto economy. For each investor lacking knowledge of specific asset or wanting to diversify their crypto share of portfolio, CTIs will offer a one click solution.

Each CTI will include different assortment of specific digital assets predefined by our indices. This will be an easy-to-use, low cost, and efficient way to acquire crypto economy in the desired assortment of underlying assets. In the past 25 years minimizing costs of diversification in the “traditional” asset classes have been made possible through the use of exchange traded funds (ETFs). Our goal is to represent ETFs in crypto and change the crypto industry landscape by introducing CTIs.

You will be able to invest in our first CTIs in Q1 2018 on Hedge Platform.