Hedge Token

HDG specifications

HDG is an utility token powering the Hedge ecosystem.

Type: ERC20 (custom Ethereum token)

Decimals: 18

Issuing address: 0xfFe8196bc259E8dEDc544d935786Aa4709eC3E64

Circulating supply: 3,709,674 HDG*

Total supply: 5,100,033 HDG**

Supply is finite. No new tokens will ever be created.

Markets (in order of liquidity): HitBTC (HDG-ETH), EtherDelta (HDG-ETH), Yobit.net (HDG-BTC, HDG-ETH)

HDG has one primary, but not the only, function: it will be used for fee packages on Hedge’s trading platform when launched (full functionality scheduled for Q2 2018). Traders will be able to pay trading fees with HDG in a form of prepaid package for a set volume of trades. Such fee structure will be significantly cheaper than regular pricing and thus very interesting for market-makers, beneficially influencing market liquidity and overall attractiveness of the platform, helping speed up its wider adoption.

*(tokensale plus boni, claimed airdrop to XRL holders, bounties)

**(originally 5,774,676.11 HDG (burn TX, 50 mio HDG initially created), decreased by 674,643.30 held in our affected multisig Parity wallet. Should these become available, the total supply will be increased accordingly).