Trading Platform

trading platform

Hedge is developing an exchange where cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets will be traded.

We are aiming to set new standards among crypto exchanges regarding speed, reliability and safety. Our infrastructure will offer a superior performance – capable to manage more than 10 thousand trades per second while still being the most reliable exchange where all orders and trades behave as expected. Currently most crypto exchanges have some issues with their reliability which is closely connected to their performance. Professional traders, market makers, high frequency traders and especially brokerages which would like to connect to crypto exchanges expect high reliability and speed since they trade large sums of money and the exposed risk is higher.

In the market there is currently no crypto exchange that would be set up as an actual exchange – all of them are also brokers, offering trading platforms (UI) to its users. Because of this, they focus too much on retail traders who desire a beautiful front end and almost don’t care about the back end processes and unreliable infrastructure. On the other hand, professional traders are interested solely in the exchange’s back-end and its APIs. This is why we are focused so much on the back end of the exchange and assuring high level of security of the transactions that will be made on our platform.

Our main product is the high quality exchange back-end which accepts orders from different sources, manages the order book, matches these orders and creates trades/transactions, and in the meantime looks at the traders’ balance. On top of the back end we are building a beautiful UI which can be seen as the first “user” of its API.

With connecting institutions we aim to scale our trading volume significantly – adding a couple of existing brokerages will boost the number of transactions made on our exchange by an order of magnitude without our need to find individual clients/traders. This will also be one of our competitive advantages as we will spend a lot less money on marketing compared to other crypto exchanges while still having large number of trades. This also means we will be able to offer very competitive fees, significantly lower compared to competition.

As an exchange our main goal is to have as many transactions as possible every day. We should therefore make it easy for all high-speed traders to connect to our exchange, which means we should provide a robust, scalable infrastructure, fast, reliable and well documented API and uncomplex user experience.

We kindly invite you to follow our further development and platform introduction in Q1 2018.

trading platform